Because one is never enough, right? With the weather You are assuming the blades separated from the hub. Again, I not an engineer, but I assuming that in this type of failure, the part of the engine that spinning might want to come laterally (is that the right word?), and that seems like it could be trouble. I amazed that it didn What amazes me more is that the newest twinjets are now considered reliable enough to fly six hours away from the nearest landing strip that how far they can coast on the single remaining engine if necessary!Totally amazing.

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canada goose black friday sale “Once the lockdown lifts, rural demand and construction sectors like road and irrigation will gather pace. India’s push for infrastructure, housing for all and urbanisation will collectively drive demand growth in the mid term,” it said.Find All Earnings Related News HereAt operating level, consolidated earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) grew 19.5 percent YoY to Rs 1,191.33 crore. Margin shot up 454 bps to 19.4 percent due to fall in power and fuel cost (down 13.7 percent) and freight and forwarding expenses (down 11.1 percent YoY).Other income during the quarter dropped 46 percent to Rs 141.81 crore compared to year ago.On standalone basis, Ambuja Cements’ Q1 CY20 profit declined 6.5 percent YoY to Rs 399.1 crore and revenue fell 3.4 percent to Rs 2,827.54 crore.Sales volumes for the quarter dropped 9.6 percent YoY to 5.76 million tonne, but cement realisation increased around 6 percent YoY during the quarter.The management said volumes grew till February due to robust demand.”March quarter witnessed a reduction in key costs led by powerand fuel on account of improvement of operational efficiencies and lower prices. canada goose black friday sale

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