“Obviously this past month have been very difficult

Land elevations Masters explains, region of the coast where Phailin is expected to hit is not as low lying, though, which should keep the death toll due to storm surge much lower compared to the 1999 Odisha Cyclone, where more than 70% of the deaths occurred due to the storm surge. He also points out how deforestation of the mangroves could have added to the increased damages in 1999. He quotes Das and Vincent (2009) who concluded, “villages with wider mangroves between them and the coast experienced significantly fewer deaths than ones with narrower or no mangroves.”.

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https://www.thomas-sz.com canada goose coats Picture: Daniella White.The shock resignation of ACT Health boss Michael De’Ath won’t derail the government’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic or delivery of the $500 million Canberra hospital expansion, Health Minister Rachel Stephen Smith says.Ms Stephen Smith announced in a statement on Monday afternoon that Mr De’Ath had quit his position as ACT Health Directorate director general, effective immediately.Claudia’s critical role teaching staff on COVID 19 frontlineACT parents’ heartbreak at son’s restricted funeralACT ‘well placed’ to push ahead with development during pandemicOPINION: Diary of an optimist: Beware of fast movers while out runningSixth day in a row with no new ACT coronavirus casesIt was understood that Mr De’Ath has already returned to Melbourne.Asked if Mr De’Ath’s resignation was linked in any way to the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Ms Stephen Smith said: “he has not conveyed to me that was part of his thinking”.”Obviously this past month have been very difficult for everyone,” Mr Stephen Smith said.”Michael was very clear that he wanted to return to Melbourne to be with his family.”The departure of Mr De’Ath comes a critical time for the territory’s health system.The combined forces of the ACT’s public and private health systems are being mobilised in anticipation of a potential influx of coronavirus patients. The government last month committed an extra $126 million to the fight, including funding for a field hospital on Garran Oval to treat cases of COVID 19.The government is also deep in planning for the delivery of the long awaited SPIRE project at Canberra Hospital.Ms Stephen Smith said she was “very confident” that the senior leadership at ACT Health and Canberra Health Services could press on in Mr De’Ath’s absence. ACT Health Directorate deputy director general Kylie Jonasson will step into the job for the next six months.”I am very confident that we have really excellent leadership across our ACT public health system to both respond to the COVID 19 pandemic, but also to continue to lead the strategic work that we continue to do in ACT Health,” she said.. canada goose coats

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uk canada goose Records from the Fair Work Commission released under Freedom of Information laws reveal at least seven cases have been brought against the college controlling not for profit by Brindabella staff since 2010, including claims by former principals Liz Hutton and Bruce Handley. The Canberra Times has confirmed at least four worker compensation claims alleging workplace bullying have been approved for payouts in recent months while multiple staff have spoken of a grave toll on their health. It is understood about 40 have already quit this year uk canada goose.