Montoursville dominated the final five minutes and

Aside from tired of hearing that St George like that everywhere cop out comment, are the comments of how everywhere else has gangs and drugs. Guess what. St George has a very drug problem and a gang element. The season did not come without struggles. Bellinger was batting over.400 until May 21, but was a.263 hitter in his final 109 regular season games as opponents adjusted and pitched around him more frequently though he still posted an All Star level.935 OPS. He went four for 19 with seven strikeouts and two walks in the Dodgers’ five playoff games..

But that district title remained elusive.Until March 3, 2017. That night the Warriors left their mark on program history. That night they ended the championship drought while showing how talented and tough they were.Montoursville dominated the final five minutes and Lauren O Lexi Marchioni and Marlene Bassett all delivered big performances as Montoursville defeated Mifflinburg, 42 35, and won the District 4 Class AAAA unbelievable, Bassett said after cutting down her piece of the championship net.

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