Mom Dad, it time to take notes

The first night that piece of orgonite was here, it felt like the energies of all demons in the universe, were partying inside my home. It wasn’t just confined to nighttime like the night terrors had been, this was all day! It took a few hours for me to figure out what had happened. The orgonite was thrown out.

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What Your Toddler Wishes You Knew About Play In Bay Area HoustonYou might not think your toddler has many opinions about anything other than juice boxes and cartoons. Turns out, they may actually have some input about how best to play Bay Area Houston to get the most out of the trip. Mom Dad, it time to take notes..

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Unemployment rate reached 14.7 percent, the worst since the Great Depression, when a quarter of the workforce was adrift. Food banks across the country are seeing lines of cars that have stretch longer than a mile. Where people assemble up on foot, the lines are dotted with six foot gaps..

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