The Mexican couple started work in Guymon

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wholesale nfl jerseys This is the time to be creative. Could any of your actions have a positive impact on the situation? Perhaps you have useful data, statistics or other information that might help others. Helpful actions could result in good PR!. GUYMON, Okla./WASHINGTON () Over 25 years, the massive pork plant that dominates this small city brought jobs, new residents and an economic lifeline to a slowly shrinking farming community.Attracted by relatively good wages at Seaboard Foods, immigrants like Felix and Pilar Jimenez arrived by the hundreds to slaughter hogs and process meat for shipment all over the world. The Mexican couple started work in Guymon, on the vast plains of Oklahoma’s panhandle, about a year after the plant opened, followed in time by their sons Michael, now 26, and Anthony, 22. Cities with meat packing operations, COVID 19 ripped through the plant and surrounding community, bringing economic uncertainty, fear and in the case of the Jimenez family tragedy.Seaboard reports that, as of May 21, 641 of its some 2,700 employees tested positive for the virus roughly a quarter of its workforce. wholesale nfl jerseys

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