Meanwhile, it’s disappointing and, frankly,

Brown is expected to address these recent deaths and the escalating violence surrounding Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Portland. This weekend marks the 100th day of consecutive protests against police brutality in Portland, spurred by the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in late May. Several events are planned to take place across the city to commemorate the milestone.

NFL teams have demonstrated little patience this season, with several head coaches and coordinators already having been fired league wide. Saints players were asked Sunday about Ryan’s job status. The Saints have Dennis Allen, formerly the defensive coordinator of the Broncos and head coach of the Oakland Raiders, on their staff as a senior defensive assistant..

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“I think they are two young corners that can cover,” defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said. “It’s an exciting time. It’s really how you want to do it, is bring young guys in without having bad habits, teaching your system, teach your techniques, your schemes and all those things.

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Somehow, we have to hang together but I hope not for much longer. The tunnel of doom is beginning to brighten, as we await more testing and lower rates of death and infection. Meanwhile, it’s disappointing and, frankly, dangerous that Trump encourages what is essentially political wilding, and primarily in his own interest.

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It has been four years since the Rams stockpiled draft picks by trading the No. 2 overall choice to Washington that the Redskins used on Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Rams built what could be a contending team, if only they could fix their quarterback situation.

Cheap Jerseys china Hoyer is on his fourth NFL team after stints with the New England Patriots, Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. He is a mostly unproven NFL commodity who gets the starting job over a highly celebrated first round draft choice after failing to lead a touchdown drive in two preseason games. He gets the job two days after the high points of his performance against the Redskins were two completions, a four yard field goal drive and, unlike Manziel, not making an obscene gesture toward the opponent’s sideline Cheap Jerseys china.