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Throughout history, one can see that the more arrogant a culture became, the less it was able to be humble and the less it was able to make the adjustments that would enable it to survive. Examples of this are the ancient Greek and Roman Empires, which both declined as their cultural arrogance increased and humility decreased. “Pride goeth before a fall,” goes the famous saying..

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This may read quite differently in the wake of COVID 19 the world of “Death Stranding” is a ruined America where everyone lives in isolated shelters and the only things connecting society are the internet and a system of couriers running packages between cities. This was all caused by the Death Stranding, a cataclysmic event that created both massive numbers of tar coated invisible ghosts and toxic rain that accelerates the ageing of whatever it lands on. The player is Sam Porter Bridges, a surly workaholic porter tasked with reconnecting America and preventing a hypothetical second stranding..

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