His look came from an Italian and black ancestry

Just came across this podcast, thank you for being so real and open about how this biz has been for you, and how you’ve found your “place” in it. I am just starting to learn and figure out what I want my niche to be by listening to BP podcasts and webinars. (side note: A big thanks here to Josh and Brandon for always being so detail oriented and really digging down into topics that your interviewees mention, in case a newer person is listening).

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He had spent Friday night planning a large black tie dinner for his 60th birthday and working on a novel called “Answered Prayers” that he has been writing since the 1950s, Carson said. Parts of it were published in Esquire magazine in the 1970s. He had long told friends that this book was to be his last before he died..

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This point in time, you cannot say which approach is better, said Zahid Butt, a University of Waterloo professor in the School of Public Health and Health Systems. Thing is for sure there is no one size fits all solution to reopening during a pandemic. Up against Quebec reopening plans, there are differences.

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