Like why is breakfast NOT the most important meal of

Once the graduates entered the auditorium, they were called one by one to the stage, where their family members handed them their diploma cover the actual diploma will come later. A school employee was on hand to take pictures and to videotape the ceremony; pictures were even taken from a drone flying above the parking lot and entrance to the building. May 23 on Armstrong Channel 4..

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I stunned and saddened by the news that the Minnesota Catholic hierarchy is going to defy the governor guidelines and open for worship beginning May 26. I am a Lutheran pastor (definitely not of the Missouri Synod which also plans to defy the order), but I have long been grateful for the Catholic Church blending of faith and science, as exemplified and articulated so well by Pope Francis. Now, though, these local leaders are ignoring the warnings of scientists and are putting lives at risk not only their own members, but those who encounter those members elsewhere..

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