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Lies, Neglect, and Flawed HealthcareTBI remains

[10] Although in most cases, there is not much that hospital staff will do unless there is immediate bleeding or swelling in the brain.Lies, Neglect, and Flawed HealthcareTBI remains somewhat under the radar regardless of bold headlines that include the concussion related death of a young college athlete whose teammates anonymously sent details of coaches’ extreme neglect to the player’s parents. The NFL settled a $1 billion lawsuit with 20,000 former players in 2013; however, the case never covered depression, mood disorders, and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), the brain disease that has been featured in the recent movie “Concussion.” [11]Up until a few days ago, the NFL claimed that there was not enough scientific evidence to support CTE. This changed drastically when the NFL’s vice president of health and safety became the first representative ever to publicly acknowledge a link between head trauma from football and degenerative brain diseases, including CTE.

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