Last month’s signing of Adrian Peterson opened heavy

Perhaps the most interesting story beyond Sims and Johnson is that the Redskins kept five running backs, something few expected them to do. Last month’s signing of Adrian Peterson opened heavy competition at a position where none had been expected. In addition to Peterson, Washington kept Chris Thompson, Rob Kelley, Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall.

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The players’ association has explained to the widows that this is a new benefit and companies don’t typically extend new benefits to former employees. Still, the union has vowed to get it resolved and asked for patience. Union leaders said they’re still in discussions with the league, though those reassurances haven’t offered comfort to some..

wholesale nfl jerseys from china The biggest tempests for the league to address this season have involved comparatively routine topics such as officiating and rule tweaks, such as the early season furor over roughing the passer penalties. The revamped national anthem policy ratified by the owners in May remains on hold under an agreement with the NFL Players Association. Deliberations between the league and players’ union over a new, mutually agreeable policy have not yielded a resolution.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Had all those players remained healthy, the NFL would still have to navigate the ownership squabbles over Roger Goodell’s contract extension, falling television ratings, the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga and backlash over players protesting during the national anthem from both fans and the president. At its best, NFL games provide distractions from the sport’s grim realities. This year, its best players have only reinforced the damage football does.

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