It would be interesting to watch how investor’s

For a number of reasons: It used to be impossible to implement securely. Until very recently, there was no hardware support for virtualizing the network buffers, which would mean emulating the network hardware in userspace. This would be very slow.

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canada goose black friday sale But if pressure builds up around 10,200 early corrections can begin.Q) Any important factors which investors should watch out in the coming week that are likely to chart market direction?A) With the gradual opening of the lockdown in several states and with the domestic air traffic rising slowly, ground reality impact on companies’ books will be a key indicator for the markets going forward. It would be interesting to watch how investor’s sentiments align with the ground level situation.Q) What is your call on the NiftyBank? What we are seeing is hot and cold moment for rate sensitive stocks? What is causing all the volatility in the banking as well as NBFC space?A) During any crisis, banking and financials are the worst affected. Lockdowns had brought the entire economy to a standstill which caused the biggest stress in banks and financials.Hence, this space is expected to remain sideways under pressure canada goose black friday sale.