How to Clean Up the Couch Well – Couch is a place in our home where we can find comfort feeling and it can be a place to relax. On the couch, we can do so many things, and sometimes, we won’t think too much to bring some food which we can enjoy while we sit on it. The food we bring sometimes has sauce, ketchup, or other ingredients and beverages which might be spoiled accidentally on the couch surface and causing permanent stain which might be difficult to be cleaned.

The stain cleaning action might be a bad thing if we don’t understand how to clean the couch carefully. Some couch’s materials are difficult to be cleaned, such as the leather or jacquard material. Despite of the material, we also need to consider the way to clean the couch surface. If we are not careful enough, the cleaning action can make the couch’s color become dull or even damaged. Well, you don’t have to be worry. There are some tips in couch cleaning which we can apply right, here are some of them:

·       Don’t use the cleaning liquid

When the stain on the couch is caused by some food or beverages, we can use the warm water and liquid bath soap which has soft formula to clean them up. The cleaning liquid has some strong components which might be damaging the couch. We must be wise, if the stain is hard to be cleaned, as example for tint or paint stains, we can use this liquid cleaner.

·       Clean the stain area only

We don’t need to clean the whole couch if the stain is only a small mark. Just clean the stained area and the couch is protected from damage.

·       Repeat the cleaning action.

Repeat the cleaning action until the stain is gone. Make sure that you give the pressure while you are swabbing the stain slowly. You can use the dry cloth or vacuum cleaner in order to dry up the cleaned area after that action.

·       Nail cleaner

Yes, nail cleaner can be used to clean up the difficult stain like tint on the couch. It has acetone content which is safe for couch’s surface. Make sure that you only use small amount of this couch to the wet cloth and then swab the stain slowly.