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Dupree displays an understanding of how to set an edge and how defend the cutback in the run game. That will puthim in good stead to get plenty of playing time early on in his NFL career. He also shows potential dropping into coverage, either into zones or against tight ends and running backs in man coverage..

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These guys what they’re doing is incredible, but I looked at it and I watched yesterday in particular. So many flags, right? So many flags. And I could imagine a guy like Lawrence Taylor and Dick Butkus, who was really rough, and some of these guys sitting there watching.

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About that “nitpicking.” Garoppolo has led the Niners into Super Bowl LIV in his distinctive, un Brady like way. He has attempted all of 27 passes in two playoff games and attempted only eight passes as San Francisco ran over, around and through the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game. Before Garoppolo, only Bob Griese with the 1973 Miami Dolphins and Earl Morrall with the 1972 Dolphins led teams to the Super Bowl with two or more playoff starts and fewer than 30 pass attempts.

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