Gupta and his team have been able to achieve up to a

You’re picking on the wrong people. Sorry man, but it’s just being honest. I mean, I respect the [office], I really do, but when it gets to that point, he’s talking about 1,800 men. I’m not here when she cleans, and she’s gone when I come home. So I am not breathing her air. I do have a pest control guy come.

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The special polymer that Gupta has produced in his lab in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, with his students Ninh Le and George Youssef, has yielded promising results. They’ve tried different mixes of the polymer to alter its rigidity and viscoelasticity, as well as varying its thickness and where they placed the polymer layers in the helmets. Gupta and his team have been able to achieve up to a 25 percent reduction in the force a person would feel.

Trump may want to pretend that the pandemic is over, but every voter knows otherwise. Parents have to decide whether to send their children back to school, small businesses are decimated, travel plans have had to be put on hold, and infection rates remain disturbingly high. Other wealthy countries are getting back to normal.

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