With Frazieron the court last season

Points per 100 possessions 2016 17 Wizards Scored Allowed Net Starters 110.5 106.6 3.9 Bench 103.9 107.4 3.4 Guards Tim Frazier and Jodie Meeks were brought in as reinforcements, but it’s unclear how much help they can provide. With Frazieron the court last season, the New Orleans Pelicans were outscored by three points per 100 possessions; the team was outscored by less than a point per 100 possessions with him on https://www.jerseys-nfl.com the bench. The Orlando Magic had a net rating of minus 5.4 with Meeks on the court during 2016 17, on par with the production Washington got from its reserve guards last season.

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