(English) Lines Design, the Beauty for Your Bedroom


Lunarfurniture.com – Bedroom is the place where we spend so many times to sleep, take some rests, or even doing so many personal things. Because of its main function is as the place for take some rests, we need to arrange the bedroom in order to make it as a comfortable place to sleep or doing many things.

There are so many bedroom designs which are already introduced to people, but, have you ever heard about the bedroom which applies the beautiful lines designs before?

The lines design can be arranged perfectly so that it gives the sweet and pretty atmosphere in your room. This design can be applied on the wall of our bedroom, the bed, or even the plafond of the bedroom. These lines can give special point of view for the bedroom owner, and also can attract other people to enjoy the comfortable feeling of the bedroom. There are several color choices which you can apply in this pretty lines design.

Almost everyone loves brown color. If you also one of the people who love this brown color, why don’t you apply it for your room? You can use the combination of brown and white colors lines for your bedroom wall cover. The brown and white colors combination also can be applied for your bedcover, bed linen, bolster case or pillowcase. You also can add the cream color ass the additional color.

You can adopt the cheerful colors combination which almost looks like candy such as green or pink. You can combine the white, pastel green or white lines for the wall cover with the green bed cover. The white, pastel green or white lines also can be applied for the bed headboard.

If you love the green color, you can combine the lime green and white lines for the wall cover. You can put the all whites color for the bedroom plafond. This unique combination can create the pretty and comfortable feeling for your bedroom.

If you don’t really interested in this lines design, you can use the white and grey or light blue lines which can create the soft atmosphere for your room. Well, what are you waiting for? Just change the design of your bedroom, now!

Source: http://www.ideaonline.co.id