(English) Kitchen Arrangement Tips

Lunarfurniture.com – Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. In the kitchen, we can cook the food material which will be consumed by all family members. Well, despite of the main function as the cooking place, kitchen has other function as the place where the food material and the kitchen appliances are kept. These functions of the kitchen make the kitchen need more spaces to accommodate all of the food material and kitchen appliances. The need of spaces and large room of the kitchen might be a problem for modern house in this country.

The tendency of modern house in Indonesia is only made in minimum size which we can even call it super small house. Since the price of the normal size house is raising high, this kind of minimum size house becomes the new favorite choice for people who want to buy house in a fair price. This minimum size house gives only small space for the kitchen which might be a problem for food material and appliances storages. In order to handle this problem, we can do some tricks in arranging the food material and kitchen appliances so that it can make the kitchen’s appearance better and neat. Here are the tricks.

·         For the dish racks, we can put it near to the washing sink. By this placement, we can just directly put the clean dish to the racks.

·         For big appliances such as pan, maybe it can be better to hang it above the sink rather than put it in places which make us difficult to take it in the future.

·         Don’t put the stove close to the window since the wind can change the fire direction and causes any fire in the house.

·         It is not wise if we put the cupboard which has the same height as our head. Our head can just easily hit it and get injured. We also can use the corner of the kitchen as the place for the appliances and food material storages cabinet.

Source: ideaonline.com