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The reality is that the insurance companies have limited panel providers. They have kept the panel small for their own reasons. We, as providers, have no influence to make any policy changes or pressure the insurers to open up the panels or reimburse us at a fair rate.

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Hello Nurse was my first response when I saw this absolute beauty of a kit. I, like many other kit enthusiasts, wondered how Warrior sports new to the kit game, would make Liverpool first kit, and they rewarded Liverpool fans with this retro number that harkens back to the European cup winning teams of the 1980s. The use of the Liver bird in place of the traditional club crest, which has angered some of the family members of those who tragically died in the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago, the eternal flames in Liverpool club crest recognize those who died in the incident, however the tribute has been shifted to the rear of the shirt along with a to commemorate the 96 lives lost.

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