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Just Sam continued to hold the iPad and shook her head in disbelief, and the audio went out once more. It kicked back in as she was still in shock: “Oh, my wholesale nfl jerseys from china God. Oh, my God,” she repeated. His campaign provided the names of more than 30 people willing to speak on his behalf, including Wanda Keyes Heard, retired chief judge of the Baltimore Circuit Court. The list includes classmates on the Harvard Law Review, as well as 10 people who worked as his interns. Some returned calls to speak highly of him.

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“My original position was I thought that the situation last year with him taking a knee didn’t have anything to do with it [Kaepernick not being signed],” Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said last week. “After viewing what’s going on, I’ve got to take that back. I definitely think that the league, the owners are trying to send a message of, ‘stay in between the lines.’ It’s frustrating because you want to have guys who are willing to speak out about things that they believe in, whether you agree with it or not.

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