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Boy, I wish we could make this into something really

LunarFurniture.com >> Boy, I wish we could make this into something really
Date: 28 Agu 2015 | Posted: writer

By the way, did you hear, they’re creating a new sitcom called Social Distancing. We are not making this up. Life has changed. Andy helps me pick through the structure of the standard model in our interview below, focusing on perhaps the key part of the standard model: the distance ladder. How do we know how far other stars and galaxies are from us? The cosmic distance ladder is our effort to answer this question. It relies on things like parallax (using the motion of the Earth in its orbit to literally triangulate the distance of nearby stars), Cepheid variable stars that have somewhat regular periodicities that we can see, for the distance to nearby galaxies, and supernovae explosions, and many other sets of data, for determining even longer distances.

“How strong the families are, and how they inspire us to be strong. Raising money for them, then staying through the night. Seeing their kids’ reaction to being with us. Before the coronavirus hit Honolulu, my family would buy groceries whenever we needed them, often multiple times a week. Now, it’s a planned event. To minimize my parents’ exposure, I’m usually the person who goes to minimize.

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