Beijing believes almost a year of mass protests and

The Nature of Reality is ChangingOften, things appear or occur in our reality that we cannot understand or explain, yet we cannot deny them either. Perhaps, all of the above theories, or hypotheses, can be applied to the nature of colored orbs of light (energy orbs, spirit orbs) depending upon their place of origin and intention. All theories and speculations aside, there is one thing that remains evident: Our physical reality, and our perception of it, is in the process of being drastically altered.11 days ago.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china A number of pro democracy lawmakers were dragged out of Hong Kong’s legislative chamber during a row about a Chinese national anthem billChina’s ruling Communist Party has set in motion a controversial national security law for Hong Kong, a move seen as a major blow to the city’s freedoms.The draft law was submitted at the annual National People’s Congress (NPC), which largely rubber stamps decisions already taken by the Communist leadership, but is still the most important political event of the year.Hong Kong, a semi autonomous region and an economic powerhouse, was required to introduce security legislation after the handover from British control to Chinese rule in 1997.After last year’s wave of sustained and violent protest, Beijing is now attempting to push them through, arguing “law based and forceful measures” must be taken to “prevent, stop and punish” such protests in the future.China’s new law: Why is Hong Kong worried?How bad are China’s economic woes?China’s Congress: Hong Kong, virus and money woesChina scraps annual growth target for first timeOn Friday, Hong Kong’s government said it would co operate with Beijing to enact the law, adding it would not affect the city’s freedoms.The law has rattled financial markets, causing Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index (HSI) to drop by more than 5% on Friday.What is in Beijing’s proposed law?The “draft decision” as it is known before approval by the NPC was explained by Wang Chen, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC.It consists of an introduction and seven articles. Article 4 may prove the most controversial.Security law open to very wide interpretationRobin Brant, BBC China CorrespondentChina has long desired a new national security law for Hong Kong. Beijing believes almost a year of mass protests and, at times, paralysing confrontations on the streets shows that now it is needed more than ever.But critics point to what they say are ambiguities inherent in such a law and the broad, generalist framework it would bring to a place which has a very different legal tradition than the communist controlled mainland.”Treason, sedition and subversion” are all open to a very wide interpretation wholesale nfl jerseys from china.