Beberapa Jenis Kulkas Yang Ada Pada Kitchen Set (Bagian 1)Refrigerator Models of the Kitchen Set (Part 1) – In the recent modern age, we can find so many electronic appliances who support the many activities of human. The electronic appliances are made to help the human to finish so many household tasks effectively and faster than in before. As a simple example, we can see the past of the clothes washing activity. In past, we needed to take long time to finish it. Started by drowning the clothes into the soap water for several minutes, clothes washing with hands, or even clothes watering which must be done each cloth, and also it took tame to dry up the clothes. For a single taks only, we need to finish it in long time. Well, if we look closely to recent washing activity, then we can find out that there is washing machine which can makes us to finish the task more effective. We can even just push the button of the machine and then leave it to do other tasks and the washing process will be done automatically. Because there are several jobs which can be done in one time, we can finish many household tasks effectively.

In the kitchen or dining room, we can find an electronic appliance which is quite easy to be found anywhere in many houses, the refrigerator. Refrigerator has function as the place where food material can be kept and in there, it will be stay fresh and can hold on for long time. This function can give any huge efficiency for the daily kitchen’s need.

Sometimes, there are modern kitchen set types which are already put the refrigerator inside. There are various refrigerator’s shape which can be found in the market, but, one of them is quite famous; the two door top mount model. This type can be the part of the kitchen set. It has two doors; upper and lower, where the upper door is called as the freezer and can be the place for meat and the lower door can be the storage of other food materials such as the vegetables and others. This kind of refrigerator is easily found in many models and it has weakness, where it  will be difficult to take the food out from the upper door area which is called as the freezer.

Source: – In the recent modern age, we will easily find out the various of electronic appliances. Those appliances support the daily life needs in the house. We can take an example for a house only, where we can find so many electronic appliances such as the telephone which can be classified into cable telephone and mobile telephone, the television, fan, air conditioner, or even the appliance we discuss in recent articles, the refrigerator. The refrigerator uses the refrigeration process, in other word; cooling process. This cooling process makes the food material remains fresh and can hold on for long time. Since the food material kept inside the refrigerator can stay for long time, people can be more efficient in shopping activity. Right now, we don’t need to buy food material daily since the food can be kept for several days and cooked anytime if we want.

Since it gives any efficiency, a lot of kitchen set furniture adopt the refrigerator as one of its part. The existance of the refrigerator which is integrated in the kitchen set can make the kitchen activities done easily. You can imagine if during your cooking session, you can be in a position where the cooking place, the cooking appliances storage, the washing place, and the food material place can be reached easily. This fact makes the activities done in the kitchen effectively. From many kinds of refrigerator models, the two door bottom mount can be found in several kitchen set. It is the opposite of the two door top mount model since it has freezer part at the bottm. Both models have two front doors. This type is quite rare to be found in the electronic market but it has positive thing since the material such as meat which is kept in the freezer part can be taken easily.