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Avoid telling children they shouldn’t feel sad

LunarFurniture.com >> Avoid telling children they shouldn’t feel sad
Date: 2 Okt 2016 | Posted: writer

The day before, Trump threatened to withhold federal funds from Michigan after its secretary of state mailed absentee ballot applications to millions of voters. Trump first tweeted falsely that the Democratic state official had mailed absentee ballots to Michigan voters. He later sent a corrected tweet specifying that applications to request absentee ballots had been mailed and seemed to back off his funding threat..

While that umpteenth teenage outburst or toddler meltdown might cause you to scream into the void, table that feeling. “If your teenager is angry they suddenly can’t hang out with their friends, or your kindergartner is sad they can’t visit their grandmother, acknowledge and validate that Cheap Jerseys free shipping those are expected and normal responses to a situation like this,” Hall said. Avoid telling children they shouldn’t feel sad, angry, hopeless, or worried, as this only exacerbates feelings of isolation and leads to future reluctance to communicate.

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