We asked her and she knew nothing about India’s

This is a well known system that most people are familiar with. The advantages of this are that it’s cheap and if it’s done well can last for a few years. It can also be supplied in different colours. But those are the exceptions. In the past 50 years, losing usually leads to more losing a lot more losing. I’ve watched it up close too often in Baltimore.

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It is imperative to understand that the primary way a child manages distress, copes with new experiences and makes sense of the world around them is through their relationship with a primary caregiver. The children being separated have been reported to have frequent nightmares, anxiety and stomachaches. Quite literally, they are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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On Wednesday, the solicitor general went directly to the Supreme Court. Francisco said the justices should stay the judge’s order, blocking it while the government appeals to the Cincinnati based 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, or, if that fails, seeks a full review before the high court. The case is Williams vs.

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