Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest governor abbott announces extensions to payment deadlines for certain employers

How do you leave somebody you’re emotionally attached to?We often find ourselves dating an individual for a prolonged period of time and forming an emotional attachment that is so difficult to get past when the time comes to part ways.The truth of the matter is a lot of people really don’t WANT to let go!What they really want is a magical reconciliation and a happily ever after ending. Oftentimes they want their mate to become someone they’re clearly not or else they’d already be happy with the way things are.The first and most important step to getting over someone is to accept the relationship is over! Imagine what you would do if your house burned down to the ground. You would find another place to live.When it comes to a failed relationship the person in whom you put your heart and trust into is just as gone as the house which burned to the ground.

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