And I didn’t even know [the film] was based on a

So it isn’t what actually happens at work but how we perceive events that matters.She refers to any event that elicits a negative reaction, such as sadness or frustration, as a POW, and anything positive as a WOW. She divides POWs into external such as criticism from the boss and internal such as beating yourself up (and does the same with WOWs). The goal is to “try to minimize the internal POWs, manage the external POWs and increase the internal WOWs,” Hess said.Hess has developed a 5 step approach for just that, which she calls SHIFT.

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So Amy turns to her best friends Kiki and Carla (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) for help. And they’ve also been invaded: Kiki’s far too involved mother (Cheryl Hines) arrives for three weeks, while Carla’s biker chick mom (Susan Sarandon) is a gambling addict in need of cash. So Amy, Kiki and Carla team up to take back control of Christmas..

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