And his companion of Sandy Creek, Timothy J

John Michael Paveskovich was born of Croatian immigrants on Feb. 27, 1919, but later altered his birth date so he would be eligible for the major league draft. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, played for Lincoln High School, and was drafted by the Red Sox in 1939.

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He is survived by his wife Edina Allen; his daughters and sons in law, Amy and Jack Cooper, Watertown, Heather and Billy Gesswein, Phoenix, AZ; his son and daughter in law Robbie and Christie Allen, Smyrna, GA; two grandchildren Jade Cooper and Okiche Hernandez; a great grandson Jayden Hernandez; a sister and brother in law Christine Allen and Jack Hedges, Tucson, AZ; two brothers Ivan H. Steen, Jr. And his companion of Sandy Creek, Timothy J.

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