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San Francisco has the next best passer rating against (62.8), although its was obtained against stiffer competition, giving the Niners the league’s No. 1 pass defense, per Football Outsiders. The 49ers’ pass rush is also formidable. The NFC team no one wants to play:If it’s any guide and it should be the Seahawks’ defense crushed Minnesota’s offense, winning 38 7 on Dec. 6 in Minneapolis. That seems unfair, but such is the lot for failing to win the division.

We’re not advocating for him being in your lineup, unless you’re really, really really in need. But he has a chance to make an impact even withfew touches. He’s definitely worth stashing if Miami decides to give him a bigger look as the season progresses..

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Do a quick 360 degree turn. You can see 20 years of cheating with performance enhancing drugs that started in the late 1980s. That was preceded by, and probably connected to, an even longer era of bad faith labor negotiations by owners, including a $280 million settlement over collusion and the cancellation of the 1994 World Series..

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As Trump troop remarks come under fire, a look at how he and Biden differ on militaryWhile Pentagon policies under the future Trump or Biden administration would likely diverge on social issues, like transgender troops or naming military bases after Confederate generals, it would likely coalesce around the top challenge facing the United States: China. The guiding star for the Pentagon since 2018 has been the National Defense Strategy, formulated by former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, that identifies China as America principal adversary. The reopening of schools came as many expressed concern over a possible increase in infections, including medical professionals..

The CNN poll also showed a yawning partisan gap. While 71 percent of Republicans and 36 percent of Democrats said last year that players should be required to stand for the anthem, those numbers are now 84 percent and 23 percent. So a 35 point gap between the parties became a 61 point gap..

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