The amount of people who want to make face masks at

Yet the shifting social landscape and loss of musical icons doesn’t seem to have galvanised any one artistic movement in response, surely that’s on the horizon for 2017. But while this annus horribilis may not be remembered for a particular genre or artist capturing the cultural zeitgeist, it did reinforce the simple point that the concept of an album is not dead yet. From Bowie and Cohen quite brilliantly using the format as a last will and testament, Beyonce’s lavish visual album for Lemonade, to Kanye and Frank Ocean bypassing some methods of traditional distribution, it’s clear that the digital age of single song downloads hasn’t killed the album as an artistic statement.

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About that outsized popularity. Of the 60 designated national parks, Zion ranks fourth in visitation behind Great Smoky, Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain according to the NPS’s most recent numbers (from 2018, when Zion saw 4.3 million visitors). For park stakeholders, managing the volume of visitors requires a unique mix of proactivity and collaboration..

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