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They also chat about Craig’s straw bale beds and

LunarFurniture.com >> They also chat about Craig’s straw bale beds and
Date: 16 Agu 2016 | Posted: writer

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Susan and Ken ofOceanview Home Garden are on the show to sum up the 2019 growing season, talk trends, fall https://www.jerseysbuz.com lawn and garden care, and spotlight what can still be planted now. Craig joins Niki for one last tomato talk before they wrap the show for winter. They also chat about Craig’s straw bale beds and hear about the new varieties he grew this year.

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HA: Oh man, I always thinking about recording. That what I love to do. I love to keep my brain occupied with the 0s and 1s. Read our stories about them. Baltimore needs a mayor with vision, integrity and grit to get us through some tough years ahead. I know that sounds like a lecture about civic duty, but I make no apology for it.

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