This is the advice for all auction rooms

Similar to fellow league jumper Albert Pujols, the AL has not been especially kind to Prince Fielder, who only has 15 home runs to his name heading into the All Star break. Clearly that’s nothing to sneeze at, but Fielder surely misses the cozy confines of Miller Park (where he crushed it with regularity), compared to the more pitcher friendly Comerica Park. Still, Fielder has plenty of time to play catch up, and will join Mark Trumbo on the AL Home Run Derby squad.

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cheap nfl jerseys Maxwell Auctioneers is currently operating via email and phone services (Image: Getty Images)Following Boris Johnson update last Sunday, Maxwell Auctioneers would like to clarify its current position. As things stand, its auction rooms remain CLOSED to the public. This is the advice for all auction rooms.The auction house hopes everyone is staying safe and well, and wants to reassure everyone that it is still operating and is determined to come back to the office as soon as it is safe to do so.Unfortunately, Maxwell is no clearer as to when it will be able to reopen its auction rooms cheap nfl jerseys.