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According to Mr Gleeson, Senator Gallagher case is

LunarFurniture.com >> According to Mr Gleeson, Senator Gallagher case is
Date: 20 Peb 2016 | Posted: writer

Yes, 13 miserly bucks. In five years. How many rate increases, utility hikes, school fees and food price jumps have sweetly sailed under your budgetary bridge during those 1,826 days? More than just a fair few, I’d wager. Last week the Attorney General argued in a submission to the High Court that Senator Gallagher had failed to take reasonable steps to renounce her citizenship, and that the reasonable steps test shouldn apply in cases where renunciation is achievable. The submission from Mr Gleeson rebuts the Attorney General submission, saying that distinctions shouldn be made relying on the laws of other countries. According to Mr Gleeson, Senator Gallagher case is different to that of senators Malcolm Roberts or Fiona Nash who had not taken any steps to renounce their British citizenship before being elected.

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