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Office Desk Maintenance

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Date: 9 Oct 2015 | Posted: writer

Lunarfurniture.com – Almost a full day we can spend time at

office desk to work. Because of the length of use of the office desk, then

we certainly should be able to maintain a comfortable office desk in order to

used. With manicured office desk, then labor productivity

we will remain maximized. What the hell can we do to

caring for an office desk?

  • When using an office desk, use gently. Do not treat

rough like occupying the table because it could be a table can be easily damaged.

  • It’s good we did not eat or drink on the table office. Besides

potentially causing the table dirty, greasy, or fatty, surface

the table also will be easily damaged.

  • Do not over clean the table with a damp cloth, Even if

if it had, then we can use a soft cloth and given

moisture in the lowest level.

  • If you want to move the office desk, do not towing it. Lift up the table so that the table leg will not be easily damaged and


Office desk to ensure durable and long lasting, use table

quality and has good strength and appearance like a table

LMK office 2275 L of Lunar Furniture. To get the office desk

This quality, you quite easily contact

www.lunarfurniture.com or to 021 54376 555/333.

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