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Office of Technology nuance Coffee Shop

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Date: 18 Sep 2013 | Posted: admin

LunarFurniture.com – Office located in Timisoara , Romania was named [ e – spres – oh ] . As its name sounds like a type of coffee , espresso , this office unique shades like coffee shops .

Interiornyapun design similar to its name . Blending the feel of " vintage " and industry . Elements such as wood , leather , and iron as monopolizing the office in a harmonious way . Comfortable sofas , large tables , and wood flooring into a comfortable environment to liberate the minds of the employees to be able to create extraordinary ideas .

This office is located on the second floor , three , and loft buildings . Each floor has its own character and uniqueness and surprise visitors with a warmth , a cafe , an office , and a place to relax .

By Stefan Lazar , the interior designer , the project is so challenging . The time available for the design team to create the look of this office is so limited . " We are creating a project plan , by visiting several places in several times . We find the best price and coordinate themselves as a team efficiently . Important thing is being able to finalize it on time , " he said at length .

View circulating in the community about the workers in the field of technology is so boring . They thought , information technology experts only need a desk , chair , and keyboard . " In fact , if you look at the big picture , you will understand that the work environment is a tool that has incredible power and can affect people , " said Lazar .

Because it can affect a person , then the work environment to be one of the most important elements in employee productivity . Instead of making the office with a formal feel , Lazar want to achieve this goal by adopting a general feel of a coffee shop in the community . In addition to the decor , many special needs such as an ergonomic chair are also provided for employees .

As a result , this office is not only unique , but also comfortable . First , because of the use of sofas , cushions , and a special chair for back support employees . Second , there are nuances in the office was so friendly . Selection of a dark -colored paint , wood flooring , lawn chairs , and a coffee table made ​​of wooden crates nuance in this office to be informal . Third , office lighting is also pretty , without sounding redundant .

Apparently, offices with a unique concept like this would mushroomed all over the world . By providing comfort , productivity is greatly increased . We wait for the presence of such offices in Indonesia.

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