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Appetite compelling with Contrast Color

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Date: 10 Sep 2013 | Posted: admin

LunarFurniture.com – When choosing colors for the walls of the dining room , the choice often falls on neutral colors such as white , yellow , and beige . Red and blue colors are also an option because according to research , the color red can arouse your appetite and blue tend to help one remember a pleasant childhood memories .

Actually , you can choose whatever color you want , including purple . You just need to be creative with the thickness of the right color , interesting accents , and " game " of light to keep your appetite in the room .

Integrating with neutral colors

The first way that you can try for the dining room is to combine purple colors with neutral colors . Choose the color purple is quite dark and thick for one of the walls in the dining room . Combine the walls with neutral colors around him .

For example , the color beige for the walls around the walls purple and white as the color of the ceiling .

Additionally , do not forget to provide interesting accents . Use the chandelier made ​​of glass or steel . Glass ornaments you can also put a " centerpiece " in the middle of the dining table . This shiny decorations can give a modern look to the dining room .

Pair with bronze color

In addition to ornaments and use " centerpiece " of transparent glass , you can also use the " centerpiece " with bronze colors . By combining the color purple and bronze , will create attractive and elegant look . Especially , if combined with the type and form of the right accent .

Bronze ornaments that look fancy , and dark wood furniture to support that view . Not only impressed luxury , setting the dining room as it gives a warm feel .

Remains bright with white domination

However , not everyone is happy with the look of luxury . For those of you who want to bring the color purple to dining room , but do not want the colors to make felt " heavy " , try using white color .

Light colors make a room feel more spacious and " mild " . Enjoy fine dining while accompanied by the following color palette : purple , white , gray and a bit to make the dining room " light " is. If necessary , use the same colored wood floors and similar colored wood furniture .

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