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  • Selesaikan Pekerjaan Secepat Mungkin
    Date: 10 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    How many days do you need to finish the job that is waiting? 1 day? 2 days? 3 days? If it takes 3 days, finish the job in one day. By completing the job as quickly as possible, then you will avoid
  • Perbanyaklah Minum Air Putih Saat Duduk Lama Di Depan Komputer
    Date: 9 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    When our work is related to computers and requires us to sit long at the computer, then we must be diligent in taking water to keep our bodies healthy. Because, sitting eight hours at the computer
  • Pastikan Pakaian Kamu Benar-Benar Kering Saat Masuk Lemari Pakaian
    Date: 8 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    In the rainy season like this, of course, a lot of clothes that are not dry and still wet after washing. Or also our clothes in the rain and we can not leave them because there is no sunlight. Well,
  • Desain Ruangan Buat Bikin Kamu Betah Baca
    Date: 7 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    The more we often use our brain to think, the more our minds sharp. It is no different with a sword or knife to be sharpened if often sharpened. Instead, the brain will be more blunt if rarely used
  • Bergerak dan Bergeraklah Ketika Bekerja di Kantor
    Date: 6 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    The office workers should reproduce the physical health of physical activity that can always be maintained. Our bodies are designed to be always on the go. That is why we would feel sore and tired if
  • Sediakan Camilan untuk Menemani Kamu dalam Bekerja
    Date: 3 Feb 2017 | Posted: admin
    Snack might be a friend who makes you feel more at home in the work. Especially if you work all day, then a snack can be something that saves your stomach from hunger. Besides, if we eat a snack
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