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How to Prevent Growing Mushrooms In Wardrobe Looking

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Date: 21 Jun 2016 | Posted: admin

How to Prevent Growing Mushrooms In Wardrobe Looking
Mushrooms are a real threat to all kinds of furniture are made of wood. When the air is moist it will make the fungus can reproduce well. Mainly on objects that can store water content was good. Wood is a material that can absorb water. When the door of our house unexpectedly crowded when closed, it is a sign of our timber changes shape as a result of absorbing water.
Well, then of the wood be a good place for the development of the fungus. Fungi need moisture to grow and develop. How to handle it? Consider the following review.
First, put perfume on a wardrobe. Select the type of versatile fragrance that is in addition to scent a room closet can also prevent the growth of fungus and small animals like moths so they can not get into the wardrobe. Usually perfuming clothes that contain anti-fungal and can repel moths or insects.
After that, often open a window or door of your room so that the room where the store cupboard and changed into warm air. It is none other than to reduce the moisture level in your room. Especially in the rainy season like this, then you should be more frequent.
Do not forget to make a monthly schedule to control the state of the closet either the inside or outside surface cupboard.
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