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Furniture Alternative Material from Urine

Date: 27 Feb 2014 | Posted: writer

Lunarfurniture.com – There are so many materials used as for the furniture in the society, but there’s one kind of materials which is chosen by most of the people to be used as the furniture in their house, the material is taken from the nature, the wooden material. The wooden material is widely used as the most famous furniture material since it offers strength, durability, and beauty combined in the furniture. Despite of those factors, wooden material can be shaped into several furniture types such as; table, chair, bed, cupboard, etc. The popularity of wooden material worries so many people about over exploiting natural wooden tree in the world since the demand of the wooden furniture increases year by year.

As the solution to keep the tree on the earth, so many people and expert try to find the replacement material which is eco friendly and can reduce the wooden over consumption. A bachelor of University of Edinburgh, Peter Trimble, invented a kind of material which is believed that it can replace the wood as the furniture material in the future, the shocking thing is, the material is made by urine, yes, I repeat it, urine!

Trimble made a thesis named Dupe and learned about a procedure of microbiology induction casting, where the bacteria used in the thesis is bacillus pasterurii. The unique thing is that, this bacterium can build any material. It has ability to precipitate the calcite and compact the sands if it is given any calcium and urea. The urea is the main material found in human urine alongside of nitrogen. The compacting process of the sands is the invention which might be used as the alternative material for the future furniture.

The alternative material found in this thesis is believed that it won’t produce any pollutant or glasshouse gas effect. The material has similar characteristic and strength just like the concrete. The invented material helps the effort of saving more of the nature resources in the future.

Source: properti.kompas.com 

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