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How to Put a Harmony on Furniture and Carpet

Date: 28 Aug 2013 | Posted: writer

Lunarfurniture.com – Making a harmony on the combination of carpet and furniture is a quite hard job, but still possible to do. This job depends on the human’s flavor, but, anyway, if we can get the best harmony combination between these furniture and carpet, it can be the representation of our best personality as the house owner.

Here are some simple tips for you who want to do harmony combination on your furniture and carpet inside your house.

Create the desired atmosphere

Carpet has an important role for the room. Carpet can create or even strengthen the atmosphere of a room in a house. We can use soft carpet colors such as grey or brown which can create warm atmosphere in a room. If you want cheerful colors such as red, blue, purple, or green as your carpet colors, that will be nice, because it will create cheerful atmosphere inside the room and will omit boring atmosphere.

Consider the room’s size

Each room in a house has its own size, commonly; one room has different size to other. Based on this knowledge, we must measure the room’s size before we buy the carpet. By knowing the size, we can understand which thickness or wideness of the carpet which are suit enough with the room’s space. For small room, it is better to not using wide and thick carpet. Small carpet with enough fur that is used to cover the floor will create wide impression.

The harmony with the furniture

If you love bright carpet colors, you can do a harmonization on the carpet colors with furniture colors in the house. If you put the right composition from bright colors, your house will be more attractive.

Themed carpet

If your room is a kind of a room which has plain furniture, you can give themed carpet which can be a smart choice. You can choose whether the classic motive or modern motive as you need. If you are a fan of Middle East motive, you can choose the classic motive. If you love round circle motive or simple lines, the modern motive carpet can be your good choice.

Accent from bright color

Most of modern houses use neutral colors for walls and furniture. But, you can do some color management by using brighter color for your carpet. Bright color carpet will attract the attention of your family or college who visit. The harmonization of furniture and carpet by using the right colors will be a good choice for everyone.


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