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10 steps on Organizing Your Work Desk to be Intensive Minimalist

Date: 22 Jul 2013 | Posted: admin

LunarFurniture.Com - Clean desk means no work, according to the Caucasians. Not infrequently I see the desk that just a little cleaner than a pigsty. There are piles of paper everywhere. Food wrappers and dead rats (Exaggeration) share occupancy. Subtle language: sickening.

I work for an altar table. Because that's where I spend approximately 12 hours each day. If not trimmed mean half of my life there in a pile of garbage. Here are some ways that I can do to simplify the work table. Unless you live in one half meter room, I think the following tips useful for you.


Simple and Minimalist

    Clean the table with Brutal. The first step we have to do of course clean the table. Get rid of stuff from there, the more that we can throw away means the better.

    Trash. Put the trash can near the table that can be reached without the need to stand up. It is very effective to avoid the habit of piling trash on the table, such as a candy wrapper.

    Paper-Paper Archive. We can enter the work papers into folders, folder, or file cabinet. Thus we reduce that annoying pile of papers on his desk.

    Find a Minimalist Furniture. There are some cool simplistic models. One of them is in the photo below. There ya want to buy a plan.

    Do not Eat in Situ. Enough said.

    Laptops and Wireless. I use a PC on the basis of economic considerations though in fact much more impressed minimalist laptop. If you want to engage your desk neater, use the mouse and keyboard are wireless.

    Get rid of Post-It Notes. Many who have a habit of attaching job list on cork board. I prefer to use a whiteboard to write appointments. Neater.

    Clean the Desktop Display. This has nothing to do with the table, but the impression of minimalism can also be obtained from the computer display. I myself only have two icons on the desktop: the Recycle Bin and My Projects. So simple.

    Make the Drawer. Collect items that are not supposed to be there on the desk. Group the items that were there in two or three categories. Enter to drawer per category. Completed.

    Event Schedule bebersih. Try any given period you spend some special time to tidy workbench. It would be better to clean the table at night before bed. This makes us tomorrow morning straight to work at the desk clean and tidy when we are our bodies are still fresh.

Workbench unsightly it important. In addition to providing comfort for its users can also emit a positive impression. That said my acquaintance know, a designer.



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