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Trik Kreatif Menggunakan Botol Parfum Bekas Untuk Mewangikan Lemari Pakaian
Wardrobe that always smells fragrant would be everyone's dream. For this reason there are various products of clothing fragrance that is sold in the market. It's just that sometimes someone has a certain taste in the fragrance. If you want to smell your wardrobe your favorite perfume, you can take advantage of the bottle of the former. Open the perfume bottle and put it in your clothes. That way we will feel the vague fragrance in the... read more
Posisi Duduk yang Benar Saat Menggunakan Komputer
A proper sitting position when using a computer is very important to do to keep our body health well. Sitting errors can cause some disruption to our body's health. Sometimes, when we have used the computer, we become forget how long we have been sitting in front of our computer desk. Therefore it is very important to ensure our sitting position is correct when using a computer desk. This is a small error that we should be able to pay... read more

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