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Lunarfurniture.com – Shoes shelf is one of the furniture kinds which is easily get dirty. It is caused by the shoes which brings many dirt and dust from outside while being used. In order to cleaning the shoes shelf, this is some things we can do. Since the main cause of the dirt is the shoes, we need to take care of the shoes first. Clean the shoes shortly after being used before we put them inside. Some dirt and dust are hard to be... read more
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Lunarfurniture.com – Bed room is the most personal and comfortable room in the house. In order to make the room is comfortable enough, we can use the furniture like the wardrobe which is in a same theme as the room. What can we do in arranging the bed room with this wardrobe? The good furniture selection is very important. We can make the wardrobe as the main focal point in the room beside of the bed. Make sure that the wardrobe has... read more

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