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Tempat Kerja yang Sempurna Menurut Ilmu Pengetahuan
Our workspace shows who we are and how we behave. Given that many of us spend year after year working in the same room, or even at the same table, it is not wrong that it can be a reflection of the owner. Then how does science think about a good workplace? First, the simple act of making our own decisions about how to organize our workspace has an empowering effect and has been linked to increased productivity. Choosing the right colors and... read more
Pilihan Pakaian Kaftan yang Aman untuk Dipakai ke Pesta Pernikahan2
There will be a time when we will be flooded with invitations to attend the wedding. Well, that's when we begin to face the challenge to be able to perform optimally in the event the party. Moreover, wedding celebrations in Indonesia have many unwritten rules that must be met. And this not only applies to the bride, but also the guests who come. Perhaps because of the cultural background that became the trigger. One of the most noteworthy rules... read more

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