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Tips Sederhana Menjaga Semangat Kerja di Kantor
When we are eager to work, any work we face is very light for us to finish. Day can be very light for us to live. Any activity can be passed easily. On the contrary, when for some reason we do not know for sure, our spirit goes down, the day feels heavier than usual. Light work alone can make us stress. The thing that should not be forgotten in maintaining our work morale is to keep inflame our love for work. In a study conducted by a Dutch... read more
Manfaatkan Silika Gel, Si Penyerap Lembab Pada Lemari Pakaian Kamu
If we observe, a lot of products in the house are given a small white wrap like candy, but there is writing "do not eat" alias should not be eaten. This is silica gel made of sodium silicate. So what does it do? Despite the name of the gel, its shape is not like a gel but rather a solid grain like beads. Silica gel is very porous and can absorb moisture around it so that he is able to preserve various objects. With moisture awake, the objects... read more

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